Terms of use

  1. MiFaZ (carpooling service) is only the provider of a communications platform, which enables the users to exchange data for carpools. It is only an auxiliary means to organize carpools and can not assume any liablity according to the drive or the non-establishment, e.g. by false entries of the user.
  2. The MiFaZ (carpool centre) is free of charge for the driver and the fellow travellers. The division of costs between driver and fellow traveller has to be resolved independent of MiFaZ.
  3. The driver is committing himself, to drop off the fellow travellers at the agreed destination.
  4. The entries into the data base are checked on a daily basis. The causers of entries with a sexist, fascist content or used for other purposes than intended are excluded and as the case may be have to face penal consequences.
  5. Contact data may be ony published in the appropriates fields, especially not in public viewable fields.
  6. The datas of the MiFaZ must not be used for selfish, commercial marketing or transferred to third parties. Acting in opposition will be prosecuted.
  7. With your registration you declare that you agree a subscription of the MiFaZ newsletter. Anytime you can end your subscription for the newsletter.
  8. This website does use Google-Analytics.

Privacy policy

  1. We never transfer any personal data (e.g. address, e-mail, telephone number) to any third party without your explicit allowance.
  2. By providing of your E-mail address, you are automatically informed about important news of MiFaZ via our newsletter. You can stop the subscription at any time.
  3. In order to have actual data you will receive an automatically generated request every 6 months, of your entry is still valid.
  4. Anonymous statistics about the visitors, search requests, new entries and requests by users are created.
  5. E-mail addresses are never shown. The first contact via e-mail is made through our contact form. The addressee receives your mail with your e-mail address and may answer via his or her e-mail software directly.
  6. This site uses cookies.

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